Beijing Qinghe Sanyang WoolenTextiles Co., Ltd. (QSWT) is a wholly state-owned enterprise group, fullyfounded by Beijing Fashion Holdings co., Ltd. QSWT is focused on science andtechnology of textile, with a register capital of 345 million yuan RMB.

Puli Wool Campany is thepredecessor of QSWT, was founded in 1908. In 1912, Dr. Sun Yat-sen visited thefactory, and viewed the factory as a model for learning advanced westerntechnologies. After the founding of new China, the factory developed intoBeijing Qinghe Worsted MillBeijing Worsted MillBeijing Woolen Mill and some other modern wool textile enterprises. In 2007,Beijing Qinghe Sanyang Woolen Textile Group was established.

The Group now owns 8 subsidiariesincluding Beijing Jinglan Nonwoven Co., LtdBeijingPuli Imp & Exp. Co., LtdA.B.C.Textile Co., LtdBeijingFashion Week Co., Ltd. etc. Mainly involved in three major business segments. 

  • Medicaland Health Materials Business

Our Jinglan Nonwoven company, iscurrently designated as medical nonwoven products supplier for many well-knowndomestic and foreign enterprises, such as the Fujian Hengan Group, IndonesiaSOFTEX and Kimberly-Clark etc.

  • Internaland External Trade Business

Our Puli Import and Export Companyis an important support for the Group's main trade business. The companymaintains steady growth in key business such as letter of credit. Meanwhile,Puli proactively responds to the unfavorable situation that there is neitherfabric nor factory in the Group to rely on and still actively expands the tradechannels, consolidates high-end OEM customers, cultivates independent ODMability. Through the sharing of platform resources such as design, research anddevelopment, supply chain management and channels with partners, the Groupgradually increases its business profitability.

  • UrbanService Business

Our Kexingyuan、FangzhouKaiyuan、andFangzhou Properties Corporation undertake about 500,000 square meters ofheating and property services for industrial parks and residents. BeijingQinghe Sanyang Woolen City Market Company integrates tightly with the strategicpositioning of the capital city, introduces haute couture and other newbusiness, explores new business models such as the internet +. Beijing SanyangIndustrial Park is located in Pinggu District, near Beijing General AviationIndustry Base and Zhongguancun Science Park (Pinggu Park), covers an area of230,000 square meters. In several years, it will be gradually made into“High-end emergency industrial base” and “Navigation industry innovation andtraining base”.

The future development of QSWT,will always follow the enterprise spirit "strive for first-rate, innovateindustries, carry forward the tradition and forge ahead into the future”. TheGroup will accelerate business restructuring, consolidate the progress of themain industry basis, continue to develop science and technology textile, andmake new contribution to Beijing fashion industry and textile industry.